Grace Life Journals

Virtuous Woman's Journal

This journal is for women who are focused on becoming the VIRTUOUS WOMEN God called them to be.

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Level Up Your Life Journal

The journal is full of Bible-based affirmations and declarations.  Get this to go along with the book.

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Daily Affirmations Journal

Your words have power & you will have what you say!

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Prosperous Soul Journal

Inspiring thoughts that will help you align your mind, emotions, and will with God

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Daily Gratitude Journal

This journal is for people who want a quick way to capture things they should be thankful for

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Progress On Purpose Journal

By measuring your progress on a daily basis, you will become the best version of yourself!

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Grace Notes Journal & Guide

Describe Create your best life by adding critical moments to your daily routine. product or give more information.

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Men's Journal & Guide

The journal will also help you document your progress as a man

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Grace Notes Journal

This journal contains inspirational quotes and thoughts that will help you daily

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Healthy Soul Journal

Your soul is made up of your MIND, EMOTIONS, and WILL. This journal help you be healthy inside

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Gratefulness Journal

This journal is full of inspirational quotes that will help you develop a grateful heart

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Daily Bible Study Journal

Use this journal, along with the Bible and prayer, to FIND, FOLLOW, and FINISH your purpose in life before you die!

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About the Author

Rick Piña has been preaching the Gospel of Jesus the Christ for over 25 years. His daily devotional, Today’s Word, has been impacting lives all over the world for over 24 years. Part of Rick’s purpose in life is to help others discover their purpose and complete it before they die.

He preaches a message of faith, hope, and grace. Rick and his wife, Isabella, lead Rick and Isabella Piña Ministries (RIPMinistries). They oversee a church in the Dominican Republic and operate two schools (Grace Destiny Academy). The ministry provides a Christ-based education to disadvantaged children, training them to become the men/women God called them to be.

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